• Year: 2019
  • Type of property: apartment in a modern residential complex
  • Location: Kiev, Ukraine
  • Floor space: 137m2m2
  • Style: modern
  • Photos by: Andrey Shurpenkov

The 137 sq. m apartment has been designed for a young modern family with two children. 3 bedrooms, a kitchen with an island, a large living room, 2 bathrooms and even a storage room, where a baby stroller drives in right from the front door - such layouts remain unknown to developers. To make every centimetre as functional as possible? Mission complete! Besides, the apartment owners are keen on Ikea, so it was no coincidence that the Scandinavian style was chosen as the stylistic trend in our design. White walls, a mint kitchen with a shelf for recipe-books, large posters with favourite actors; cocoa in the living room, bright coral for the first-grader’s, forest green master's bedroom and a cute baby-style in the children's room for the youngest member of the family. And of course, the white chessboard-tiled lavender-walled bathroom.

There is a lot of Ikea furniture here, indeed, but also quite a few Ukrainian manufacturers are represented.