• Year: 2021
  • Type of property: wooden house, reconstruction
  • Location: Poltava region, Ukraine
  • Floor space: 600m2m2
  • Style: American classic
  • Photos by: Oleksandr Kondriianenko, Yuliia Yakubyshyna

The story with this house began a few years ago when we were invited to reconstruct the facade and design the interior of it. When arrived onsite, we saw a large wooden house of glued laminated pine timber that required extensive renovation; the house has been sitting empty for long 10 years.


When choosing style for the space design, we settled on the American classics which is marked with aged and historically valuable elements, with a special atmosphere of comfort, warmth and soulfulness. This is the way of life that the clients would like to create, and we helped them to work it out in material forms.


However, we could not do without implementing some modern solutions, for example, a combination of bright eclectic techniques in the nursery, or minimalism in the bathrooms. Thus, a symbiosis of modern solutions with classical ones came along.


In general, despite the area of the house of 600 sq. m, there is no feeling of emptiness and spatial excesses. It turned out to be spacious, but not empty.


It is noteworthy that a certain soulfulness was felt here initially. And this atmosphere only intensified with each completed stage of construction. This is a real traditional house, cosy, comfortable, warm, with its own values and history.